Fiery XF software and X-Rite i1iO reader in action

In a previous blog I made mention of the new proof verification system at ICS. I decided to expand this topic and show a more detailed video that encompasses the calibration process. In order to provide industry compliant proofs, we must first make sure our Epson proofing system is calibrated to certain standards. For this we turned to Fiery for their most recent software, Fiery XF. The Fiery XF software generates a series of target proofs that when read by your proof reader, can create a data base that works to keep your proofers at optimum compliancy. In the past it would take hours to hand read a series of target proofs with hopes of getting your proofing system the best it could be.

Unfortunately, human error would sometimes come into play and the data would be lost, misread or just not get the proofing system where it needed to be. Fiery and i1 worked together to created software and an automated system that takes the human element and guess work out of the equation. Our video link below shows the process in a slightly condensed form. This system allows ICS to meet and exceed industry proofing standards while offering a cost effective alternative in today’s proofing arena.


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