Are Designers Driving You Crazy?

More often than not a new client requires the usual break in period to make things run smoothly. Sales people or customer service reps deal first hand with a client, but really see how the files are built and the problems that arise. The person who releases files may not even work on them and as a result, they may be passing along problems that the prepress tech must soon address.

I had the opportunity to read the article listed below and realized members of the prepress world have become conditioned to each and every example listed. Fonts missing? That’s OK, I will figure it out myself. Missing image? We will go without it this round, but let the client know they need it for the next one. Prepress personnel have seen a variety of scenarios when preflighting a clients documents. “Adapt and overcome” seems to be the best way to describe a prepress tech’s view when working files the first time. Eventually, “educate and explain” triumphs in the end, but there is always another new client and group of designers that will test your wits!

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