InDesign Color Consistency

With the diversity offered by InDesign, color consistency has become a relative topic. Several color experts have weighed in regarding this topic, however, the files used to create your page will have a varying effect. With that said, we offer some of the best answers to the question of color consistency.

When exporting to a PDF, in the output section, make sure the color conversion is “no color conversion”.

Mike Haffey – prepress tech @ Dulpli-Systems

If Illustrator files are part of the design, make sure you place them as .eps instead of .ai. This ensures no color profiles are brought into your (In)Design. I recently spent a lot of time figuring this out when i had similar problems to yours

Peter Van Gerwen – independent graphic designer

Do you export to a PDF/X standard?, check your rendering intent and colour profiles match to the original, lastly i would not use a monitor alone to compare files, select an area and measure colour values for comparison. Arthur Lenssen – group production mgr.

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