ICC Profiles: A Thing Of The Past?

A recent LinkedIn post posed the question of the importance of the ICC profile. You can read this article and add to the discussion via LinkedIn. To see these answers and more, click below to see the topic currently being discussed. ICC Profiles – Thing of the past?

Why Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a really, really bad idea for the sheeple.

Last weeks outage of Adobe’s servers could have created a real problem for prepress providers. If a desktop operator can’t work a file because his copy of InDesign can’t communicate with an authorizing server who is to blame? How do you tell a customer that they will incur down press time because your copy of Photoshop won’t turn on? Do future contracts with customers need to have a force majeure clause that prevents a provider from being liable if Adobe is down? Cloud based services, just like the weather can change at any time. A recent event with the creative cloud was chronicled by writer Mark Gibbs. Take some time to read the story at the link below. Why Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a

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